Dance Viennese Waltz

Although there is some controversy over the first actual Waltz, there is no doubt that the Viennese Waltz is a descendant of the Landler.
The Landler was a folk a dance, which unsurprisingly came from Austria.
The Viennese Waltz is considered to be a ‘Classic Waltz’ and was first introduced through the Viennese opera, becoming popular in 1788 – after which the famous Viennese Waltz was made even more popular through the music of the Strauss family.
Similar to the ballroom Waltz the Viennese is played at a faster tempo and incorporates many more consecutive turns.
Despite its speed, the Viennese Waltz should be graceful and maintain the rotation as much as possible.
Music: 3/4    Tempo: 50bpm
Some Popular Figures:
Natural Turn
Reverse Turn
Change Step
Natural Pivot
Reverse Pivot