Dance Samba

The Samba, which means to pray, is an Afro-Brazilian dance, from Bahia, Brazil, where this popular musical style plays a very important part in every day life, as well as in the Country's annual celebrations - Carnival.
A strong Spanish influence can be heard within Brazilian melodies, whilst the rhythms portray a strong African influence.
Samba is one of the most popular Brazilian musical styles.  Both Samba music and dance are taught throughout Brazil at many different "Samba Schools".  Children and adults study throughout the year, then show off their dancing and musical skills at Brazil's many festivals and at dance halls and auditoriums throughout the country - and of course through the streets at the annual Carnival in Brazil's capital city, Rio de Janeiro.
The dance should display a sense of fun, with a good bounce action and definitive hip action.
Music:  2/4    Tempo:  50bpm
Predominant Percussive beat is the 2nd beat of the bar
Some Popular Figures:
Samba Walks
Samba Whisk
Close Rocks
Corta Jaca
Natural Roll