Dance Salsa

Salsa music is defined by the fusion of Cuban rhythm and jazz, which first began in the 1960s. 
The music that inspired the dance has many influences and therefore there are many different styles of Salsa dance.  Popular in the Caribbean, particularly Cuba, three other centres of Salsa sprang up - 
    New York - due to the Puerto Rican immigrants
    Miami -  due to exiled Cubans
    Colombia - which introduced great rhythmic innovations
From each of these centres the Salsa developed in varying styles, although they all have synergy.
The basic steps are similar to those in the Mambo and Rumba, but the jazz influence incorporates rhythmic variations which all add to the fun!
Salsa is often said to be 'sexy', but it is perhaps more flirtatious and 'Club Salsa' continues to grow in popularity.
Music:  4/4    Tempo:  Various
Some Popular Figures:
Pretzel Turns
Chicas Turns
Chicos Turns
La Solseros