Dance Rumba

It is believed that the original Rumba arrived in Cuba through the African Slaves imported from Spain over 200 years ago. Considered to be 'wild' and therefore not suitable to be danced in public, the Rumba was banned in Cuba more than once.
However, the Ballroom Rumba of today could have derived from the 'Son', or 'Danzon' danced in Cuba, a much slower and more polite version of the truly sexually frantic Rumba.  The 'Son' was a popular middle class Cuban dance which is a modified version of the original Rumba.  After a period of change and development the 'Son' developed into a popular, sensual couples dance as we know the Rumba today. 
It is more likely to have evolved from the Guajira, a dance that was very popular with the country people in the 1800s.
The Rumba should be smooth and sensual, using the feet and hips.
Music:  4/4    Tempo:  27bpm
The Rumba is danced on the strong percussive Beats ie:
4th beat and 2nd beat
Some Popular Figures:
Hockey Stick
Natural Top
Hip Twist
Rope Spinning