Dance Paso Doble

This dance portrays a bullfight, with the man playing the part of the Matador (bullfighter) and the lady playing the Cappa (cape.)
Bullfighting goes all the way back to Crete and is not reported to have arrived in Spain until the 1700s.  The dance became quite popular in the 1920s and later became the rage in Paris, which is why many of the steps have French terms.
It is a very masuline dance, with roots in the Spanish Flamenco.  Due to its theatrical attitude it is not popular as a social dance and is mainly seen as a competition dance.
The Matador, or Torreador, should give the perception of strength, both in movement and attitude.
Music:  2/4    Tempo:  60-62bpm
Some Popular Figures:
Sur Place
Grand Circle
La Passe
Spanish Line