Dance Jive

First popular in the 1940s, the Jive was originally the European version of the American Jitterbug, or East Coast Swing.
Jive comes under the Latin Branch and remains similar to East Coast Swing, but with a rock first and a more exaggerated bounce, with kicks and a slightly latin flair.
French Jive, called Ceroc, was introduced to the UK in the 1980s, since when there have been many different styles of Modern Jive.
The style of 'ballroom' Jive can be recognised by the chasse, often referred to as the 'triple Jive'.  This is sometimes used only as a two step format, particularly from dancers who grew up during the 1950s.
Music:  4/4    Tempo:  44bpm
Percussive accents are on the off beat ie  2nd and 4th
Some Popular Figures:
Change of Place
Throwaway Fallaway
Stop and Go
American Spin
Double Whip
Rolling off the Arm