Dance Foxtrot

The Foxtrot first came about during the summer of 1914 when actor Harry Fox was appearing in New York shows with Yansci Dolly.  People soon began to copy the act and came to refer to the dance as "Fox's Trot". 
Today the social Foxtrot is one of the most popular dances.  The official ballroom "Slow Foxtrot" is well loved, despite the fact that many social dancers find it difficult to perform well.
The Social Foxtrot has a slight rythmic bounce, whereas the Slow Foxtrot should display ease and elegance, whilst travelling smoothly across the floor with a gentle swaying action that belies the difficulty of the dance technique.
Music: 4/4    Tempo: 30bpm
Some Popular Figures:
Feather Step
Reverse Turn
Natural Turn
Three Step
Impetus Turn
Reverse Wave
Hover Cross