Dance Street / Urban / Freestyle

The origins of Disco actually started in the Big Band era when the radio Disc Jockeys would play the vinyl 33rpm and 45rpm records.
DJs then moved into night clubs and the disco trend began.
The first Disco Club opened in the 1950s in Paris and was called the Peppermint Lounge.  By the 1960s the Twist was the latest trend and 15 years later Van McCoy hit the disco scene with the Hustle, followed by Saturday Night Fever with, of course, John Travolta.
Since then there have been many disco dance trends, but today Disco Dance is usually considered to be freestyle and therefore comes in many different forms.  'Street Dance' is currently the most popular freestyle style.
In general, however, it should contain many isolation movements and a lot of 'bounce'.
Music:  Various    Tempo:  Various
Some Popular Styles:
R & B
Hip Hop
Street Dance
Break Dance